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  1. The Terrible Thing That Happens

    I just finished reading another bizarro fiction novel from Carlton Mellick III named "The Terrible Thing That Happens". Like his other stories this one has a lot of violence and a little sex thrown in to a post-apocalyptic world where the only source of food is a haunted grocery store. It was a really quick read and while it isn't my favorite of his books I enjoyed it. I loved the cover art by Ed Mironiuk and every time I pick up one of his books I really want to "see" the characters with my own eyes. As unlikely as it is, I think his books would make for some fun TV.

  2. Back to blogging

    I have been playing with some tech that's new to me and I want to start writing about it so that I can share my experiences. Look for some articles on AWS ECS, Docker, Chef, Inspec (really love this stuff!), and much more. My new site is hosted on AWS ECS and it was pretty painless to setup.

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